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The Video section is divided into the following categories:

* Home Video Releases of The Goodies: all known videotapes (VHS & Beta), DVDs, and digital releases of episodes of The Goodies in the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.  Entries are listed by release date.  In cases where the same set of episodes was released in the UK and Australia information is provided about differences between the two versions.

* Goodies Video Release By Country: charts showing Goodies home video releases sorted by country (the UK, Australia, and the US).  This is intended as a quick reference; as a result, for each release only basic details are provided (such as title, release date, catalog number, and episodes) along with a small cover image.  For full details and descriptions use the Home Video Releases page. 

* Comparisons of DVD Releases: contains charts that compare which bonus features are included in each DVD release.  This page also has charts comparing box sets verses individual releases.

* Goodies Episodes on DVD: for each episode of The Goodies shows the collections in which they are included.

* Goodies Related Videos: videotapes & DVDs of Tim, Graeme, & Bill's other projects as a team (such as Bananaman and the Amnestry International charity performance Pleasure at Her Majesty's). 

* Bill's Solo Videos: videotapes & DVDs of Bill's non-Goodies projects.

* Graeme's Solo Videos: videotapes & DVDs of Graeme's non-Goodies projects.

* Tim's Solo Videos: videotapes & DVDs of Tim's non-Goodies projects.

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