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The Audio section is divided into the following categories:

* Goodies Records & CDs: records released by The Goodies or which include material by the trio that doesn't fit into other categories.

* Funky Gibbon Around the World: Many versions of the Funky Gibbon single released in countries around the world. 

* Solo Records & CDs: records released by one of the Goodies as a solo artist or from one Goody's other projects (such as At Last the 1948 show, Marty, and Hello Cheeky). 

* Radio Show Records & CDs: releases from the radio series I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again (and its precursor, Cambridge Circus), I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue, and Hamish & Dougal: You'll Have Had Your Tea

* Goodies-related Audiobooks: Non-radio show audiobooks recorded by one of the Goodies (plus the show the trio recorded for  Includes each of the Goodies' appearances in Big Finish Productions' Doctor Who Audio Adventures.

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