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Goodies-Related Magazines

As popular radio & television performers, not to mention pop stars and authors of best-selling books, Tim, Graeme & Bill have been the subject of countless magazine articles.  The following are a few magazines of particular significance due to the Goodies appearing on their covers.

Radio Times
3-9 February 1973

This issue features The Goodies episode The New Office on the cover and contains an article about the series.

TV Times
16-22 January 1982

This cover featured a publicity still for the new series of The Goodies starting on ITV.

January 17-23, 1976

Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer, and John Junkin appear on the cover of this issue, which also includes a feature story on their show Hello Cheeky transitioning from radio to an ITV television series.

Radio Times
8-14 February 1975

The cover illustration was publicity for The Goodies and the Beanstalkspecial.  This issue contains a feature on The Goodies.  

Record & Popswop Mirror
December 14th, 1974

A publicity still for The Goodies' single The Inbetweenies graced the cover of this music magazine.

Video Times
February 1983

Bill Oddie appears on the cover of this magazine in a promotional photo from the Goodies episode Football Crazy.  This issue contains the article Why Goodie Bill Oddie hates pre-recorded videos. 

Cor!! Comics

As explained in the Goodies Books section of this website, each issue of the 1973 run of the weekly comic COR!! included a multi-page adventure featuring The Goodies. While the stories and artwork were not created by the Goodies themselves, the comics are copyrighted to Bill Oddie, Tim Brooke-Taylor, and Graeme Garden.

The Goodies were featured on the covers of four issues in this run.  Seen below are the four covers; next to each is a larger version of the Goodies drawing from that cover.

6 January 1973

The first issue of COR!! with a Goodies story also featured a drawing of the trio on its cover.

7 July 1973

The Goodies return to the cover of COR!! in July 1973 with a western-themed story.

28 April 1973

The Goodies second appearance on the cover of COR!!

27 October 1973

In an echo of an episode of The Goodies, the trio appear to be meeting the Loch Ness Monster once again on the cover of an October issue of COR!!

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