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Memorabilia & Promotional Items

This page shows Goodies memorabilia or promotion items which do not fall into one of the other categories on this site.   This page is still under construction.

Superstars Stickers
Top Sellers LTD. 1975

S.T.I.G. - Torino produced a set of large stickers with glued backs in 1975 which included figures from many fields of entertainment and sport.  Each of The Goodies received their own card (numbers 6, 7, & 8 in the set), which feature their photo on the front and a brief bio on the back.  


Card #6 - Bill Oddie

The bio on the back reads, "The cuddley Goodie songwriter, musician, actor Bill Oddie.  He met up with Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor who had just finished working together in two series of 'Broaden Your Mind' for BBC TV and the three of them put together one of the best BBC2 TV comedy shows, 'The Goodies', which is now in its sixth series."


Card #7 - Tim Brooke-Taylor

The bio on the back reads, "Born in Buxton, Derbyshire, 1940.  Mother was a Lacrosse international and father (a parson) played centre-forward for England in the 1890s.  Following a comedy revue tour from New Zealand to New York, he started writing TV scripts for Spike Milligan.  Then went on to 'Braden Beat' appearances for three months, and writing 'I'm Sorry, I'll Read That Again' scripts for BBC radio.  Also appeared in all the BBC TV 'Marty' programmes, with Marty Feldman.  He now appears on BBC-2 in 'The Goodies'. "


Card #8 - Graeme Garden

The bio on the back reads, "Following his radio career, Graeme Garden joined the team of Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie to become the chief writer and zany on-screen inventor of the 'Goodies' BBC TV show."

Palitoy 1978 Retail Sales Division Catalog

1978 trade catalog from Palitoy company.  Among the rest of their line of toys (such as Star Wars action figures and Pippa dolls) was a listing for a proposed Goodies board game.    The listing reads:

The Goodies Game

Cat. No. 75008

Zany game with a whole new twist.  Join the Goodies on their Numerous good deeds - like preventing the theft of Stonehenge, or putting the Post Office Tower on an even keel.  The playing board is made up of interlocking modules, so every time you set it up, it's a whole new game!

Sales Pack 18

Over an actual photo of The Goodies is shown artwork for the board game's cover, reading "The Goodies'" and "Based on the popular TV series."   Next to a drawing of the Goodies on their trandem, with the Tower of London in the background, it says "A Fast moving game you can play over and over again".  below which is placeholder text  consisting of fragments of Latin phrases (such as "ec movere potest appetit anim".  

1978 Palitoy catalog cover .jpg
Palitoy Goodies game .jpg
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